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Exiling Emotion: The Path to Cold and Mechanical Christianity

Instead of just providing a list of behaviors to avoid, Christ spoke intently about how we feel: anger, lust, hate, love, vengeance, benevolence, pride, anxiety, power, longing, etc. In short, He addressed the attitude of our hearts…our feelings.

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Correction: Ravi died at 17…He’s been living ever since.

I’ve often heard Ravi recount the most pivotal moment in his life; his failed suicide attempt at 17 years of age. In those dark days, he had turned to death as a solution to his misery. He employed death to remedy his condition and found that someone already had: Jesus Christ.

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This is Church

Back at home, the bath water has been drawn. The shower’s hot but we fear the process of scrubbing off the dirt, we fear the scars and festering wounds that we might find underneath.

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Anxiety has a reason. Battle the reason.

True. The past cannot be undone. But oh, little one, we CAN change the now.