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The Chains of Decency

When this world, its systems, the elect, our peers, conditions, finances, families and even our environment fails us, we can cling to a HOPE that anchors us...that protects us from the path of violent grief.

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Misplaced Master

We were made for more than managing our dysfunction and realizing our own “power”…for playing God in our own lives or thinking we’d even be good at it.

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Thunder Stolen

When we act out in the spirit of revenge, we are essentially trying to take refuge in hatred...and hatred is an unbearable host.

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You Shall Not Pass…The Cycle Ends with Me

If we want to save our children from experiencing the turbulence we endured, we have to do the work of eradicating dysfunction and self-medicating from our own lives.

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When a loved one dies…

During a season of loss, we inevitably have to decide how we will handle the imprint of our loved one’s legacy.

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People of Iron or Rust in Disguise

If iron can sharpen iron, then why are we behaving like rust?

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Unplanned Adversity or Purpose in Surrender

Pregnancy is purposeful, even when it is not in our plans. Truly, surrendering to great purpose often requires substantial sacrifice. It is uncomfortable. We cannot overlook this or take it for ourselves or in others. But the outcome, by God's grace and redemption, is worth the cost of that sacrifice.

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Welcome to the Light

The term “recovery” and the process it represents is not just reserved for people who deal with “significant struggles.” It is not meant to be monopolized by the alcoholic, the abused, the anorexic, or the depressed. Recovery is meant for us all. It is the lifestyle of Christ following.

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The Joy of the Pasture

At the beginning of my recovery journey, I had an incomplete understanding of the joy yet to come. But I had tasted enough to know that I was on the right path…that the pursuit of my Heavenly Father, by the grace of Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit, was an adventure I would never regret.

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To Thrive, We Must Treat the Stains

Acknowledging the truth, understanding and confessing our brokenness, is a crucial step in building a bridge to a better future. In my life, it has been a problem-solving approach to continuing my journey beyond the offenses of the past.